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    The main version were the Tu-22A bomber, Tu-22P electronic warfare aircraft, Tu-22R and Tu-22RMD reconnaissance aircraft, Tu-22U trainer and Tu-22B reconnaissance aircraft for Iraq and Libya. In 1967 state acceptance trials successfully finished on the Tu-22K missile-carrier armed with a formidable X-22 antiship nearly-hypersonic missile.

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        Without special equipment the bomber can accommodate up to 12 t bomb internally, including 24 FAB-500 or a FAB-9000. The self-defence is provided by active and passive radar-jamming equipment, and 23-mm R-23 cannon in remote-control rear turret.

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    Tu-22s saw action in Afghanistan. Exported to Iraq, they took part in war with Iran, where showed ability to absorb extensive damage. Libyan Tu-22S fought in Chad. In the mid-Nineties the Tu-22 was withdrawn from active service.

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