Nose art on planes

    Many planes have at times present masterpieces of painting. Also do not differ by excessive modesty. As against frequently almost obscene applied arts, with which the American planes were glorified, the British figures shined by the aristocrats and excessive stiffness. As an obligatory element, were included a royal crown, board and tapes with number of a squadron and its motto, frequently drawn on latin in gift to traditions of knightly times.

Desert Belle(9977 bytes)   Kiss of death(7958 bytes)

    Russian planes were seldom decorated with figures. More often it is connected to planes participating in battle actions. The chiefs in such cases very much far, and interdictions are weaker. The pilots of these machines looked death in the person and not always came back back.

I shall catch up!(18203 bytes)

    To figure from a board MIG-29 (board 51 items Domna the Chita region) is possible under the right to give the first place in the given collection. The emblem is inherited from MIG-23, struggled in Afghanistan in 1986-88. Unfortunately snapshot black-and-white.

(4585 bytes)

MIG-23MLD from 85-th an air shelf, air station Shindand (Afghanistan), July 1988
(6101 bytes) SU-17MZ from 136 air shelf which have arrived from Chirik (Turkestan a military district) on an air base Kandagar (Afghanistan), summer 1986
(10258 bytes) SU-17M4R, air base Bagram (Afghanistan) December 1988, 16 prospecting airshelfs
(8562 bytes) SU-25, Czechia, autumn 1992
Study the student(9141 bytes) MIG-23 From 120 air shelf, air station Bagram (Afghanistan), November 1988
Owl(9820 bytes) SU-17M3R From 139 Guards air shelf which has arrived from Borzi (Zabajkal a military district) on an air base Shinda (Afghanistan), spring 1987
Bat(12648 bytes) SU-17M4R, air base Bagram (Afghanistan) December 1988, 16 prospecting airshelfs
(8190 bytes) SU-25UB from structure 60-th special air shelf Air Force of Russia, spring 1992, Azerbaijan, air base Sital-chai
Bagram 88 (5987 bytes) MIG-23BIS Air Force of Afghanistan, air station Bagram, spring 1988